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At Hood Contracting, we have worked on various projects.  Whether it was for a government agency or private individual, we have completed many different types of jobs.  Below is just a sample of the projects we have undertaken in the last 20 years.
Commercial Projects

Our biggest area of work has usually been in the commercial field.  We have finished several projects in this category and worked for various clients.  Some of our commercial projects include Holiday Inn - Decatur, Benders Gym, Serra Nissan, Zaxby's, Marx Optical, PPG Paints, Hartselle Shoppes, Valley Hills Country Club and many others.

Governmental Projects


We have worked on various governmental projects for many different government entities.  These entities cover local, state and federal agencies in North Alabama.  Some of our projects include Morgan County Jail Addition, Decatur Readiness Center Addition and Renovations, Moulton Fire Department, Decatur Fire Department, Decatur City Street Improvements and various others.

Educational Projects


Educational facilities have always been a part of our work portfolio.  From parking lots to sports facilities, we have worked on many different projects.  Some of our projects include Hatton High School Administration Building, Moulton Middle School Cafeteria, Lawrence County High School Gym, Ardmore High School Gym, West Morgan Elementary Classroom Addition and others.

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