We Are Hood Contracting

We are a site prep contracting company that’s held our doors open since 1997. With only a few pieces of equipment – and just a handful of employees to start with – we’ve built our company and our communities on good, old-fashioned, hard work and ethics.

We’ve established our trust with many other businesses in and around the Huntsville, Alabama area throughout our years of service. We continue to do this by maintaining dependability, a diversified fleet, and remaining consistent across the board from the very start of a new project and all the way through to starting the next one.

Our goal at Hood Contracting is to be your complete solution for any site contracting needs. We have a full range of services that most other companies do not offer. Though some companies may be larger, we are diversified so we can be much more capable of handling a wide range and variety of projects for you.

Our Story

Celebrating 26 Years of Experience


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