Bedingfield Subdivision

Athens, AL

Bedingfield Subdivision – Athens, AL

The Bedingfield Subdivision project required importing over 18,000 cubic yards of dirt!

Including the removal of trees and grubbing, we also extended sewer services to the property as well as extended water services along Highway 72. Storm drainage in the parking lot and street were installed to drain to the site retention pond.

A series of pipes laid into the ground surrounded by dirt on a construction site.
A front view of a dozer that is pushing roots, brush, and mulch into a large pile.
Concrete forms set up for a concrete pour for a sidewalk.

Concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, and handicap ramps were also installed. Lastly, asphalt paving and paint striping with signage was placed throughout the property.

• OWNER: Ming Commercial Real Estate Group
• GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Ming Commercial Real Estate Group
• LOCATION: Highway 72 – Athens, AL
• USE: Multi-Tenant Commercial Subdivision
• SERVICES: Clearing, Grading, Site Prep, Offsite Borrow Fill, Water Main Installation, Sanitary Sewer Installation, Storm Drainage, Curb & Gutter, Dense Grade Base, Asphalt Paving, and Paint Striping


A front view of Holiday Inn Express in Decatur, Alabama.
Holiday Inn Express
Decatur, AL

This Holiday Inn Express project consisted of much more than site prep and excavating for the hotel's building pad and it's parking lot!

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An overhead view of the jobsite for the Bedingfield Subdivision project.
Bedingfield Subdivision
Athens, AL

The Bedingfield Subdivision is a multi-tenant commercial subdivision project that required importing over 18,000 cubic yards of dirt!

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An overhead view of the completed Ashbury Plaza project.
Ashbury Plaza
Madison, AL

Another complete-solution project that consisted of developing an open lot for this multi-tenant strip mall located on County Line Road.

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